The Laboratory (Technikum)

Where theory and practical experience join forces

Our daily experience in handling bulk materials and granules shows that theory and practice do not necessarily always harmonize in the real world. What may seem plausible on the drawing board is often only feasible in practice in a roundabout way. For this reason, at Alexanderwerk we offer comprehensive testing of processes and methods in our own international test facilities.

When conducting a test in one of our technical centers, we can identify the right machine and optimal process parameters to help you produce a product that meets your exact specifications. Our excellently equipped testing facilities are available in Germany, the USA and the People’s Republic of China.

The Laboratory (Technikum) Alexanderwerk GmbH
Alexanderwerk Technikum

In our technical centre, we identify the optimum machines and process para­meters to help you manu­facture a product that meets your exact specifications.

The Laboratory (Technikum) Alexanderwerk GmbH
Optimizing processes

You are looking to optimize your
compaction and granulation processes?

Then you’ve come to the right people for assistance! Using minute quantities of material, Alexanderwerk can vary a wide range of different process parameters such as worm drive and roller speed, roller surface, roller gap, pressure force, granule size, granule size distribution and bulk density and work with you to create a DoE tailored to your needs.

How can we optimize your process?

Whether you want to focus on cost efficiency, quality, material throughput, or another process parameter that is important to your company we are here to help you.


Process parameters

Definition of the process parameters


Testing of processes and methods

Comprehensive testing of processes and methods in our own test facilities


Creation of DoE

Based on the information we have gained, we create a comprehensive Design of Experiments (DoE).

The Laboratory (Technikum) Alexanderwerk GmbH
Optimizing product specification

Additional trials

Based on the results of the first trials, we can also conduct additional trials, which we prefer to carry out in the presence of our customers. Our technicians and process experts undertake all efforts to satisfy your individual expectations.

While conducting such trials, we can also optimize the final product specifications and examine a variety of process requirements.


Let’s talk about your project!

Based on the projected test duration and the cleaning and disposal specifications, we will gladly provide you with a customized quote.

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