Rotor fine granulator RFG 150 DA

Designed for use in production.

RFG 150 DA

Countless variants, one original - RFG 150 DA from Alexanderwerk. Throughput of up to 400 kg/h.

Details Alexanderwerk GmbH
Details Alexanderwerk GmbH


Rotor fine granulator RFG 150 DA

Designed for use in production.

  • Throughput capacity of up to 400 kg/h

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Customized adaptations and special designs are available on request

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RFG 150 DA

The rotor fine granulator RFG 150 DA was designed by Alexanderwerk as a plug-on device on a universal drive motor for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as life science and nuclear technology, where it is used for granulation and comminution of dry or slightly moist starting products.

The universal drive motor SKM/NR has an integrated drive clutch onto which either the PGS 165 A friction chipper or the RFG 150 DA rotor fine granulator can be attached. nnen.

Depending on the raw material and sieve insert, the RFG 150 DA processes material quantities of up to 400 kg/h. To achieve different granulate sizes, various sieve inserts with mesh sizes between 0.63 mm and 3.15 mm are available in the standard version.

In contrast to conventional designs, where If at least 50% of the shredding takes place only within the working area in the 3rd quadrant, the effective working area for granulation is in the diagonal design® significantly enlarged. As a result, the RFG 150 DA achieves an increase in performance of up to 100 percent as well as gentler and finer-grain comminution, which leads to a minimization of investment costs and an increase in the quality of the end product. Furthermore, the modular design guarantees that all work tools can be changed and cleaned quickly and thus meets the requirements for flexible working.

Numerous special designs or customer-specific adaptation designs are available on request. Due to technical changes and further developments, the details of the machines may differ from the versions shown.

RFG 150 DA

Continuous throughput capacity in kg/h up to 400 kg/h
Weight in kg 90 kg
Height in mm 1,300 mm
Width in mm 900 mm
Depth in mm 1,000 mm

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RFG 150 DA

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