roller press PP 150 C

Designed for use in production.

PP 150 C

Countless variations, one original - PP 150 C from Alexanderwerk. Throughput of up to 400 kg/h (lactose).

Details Alexanderwerk GmbH
Details Alexanderwerk GmbH


roller press PP 150 C

Designed for use in production.

  • Throughput of up to 400 kg/h (lactose)

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PP 150 C

The PP 150 C roller press from Alexanderwerk was specifically designed for use in chemistry and fine chemistry and meets all requirements and standards. As the smallest machine from Alexanderwerk for the chemical industry, it achieves a throughput of up to 400 kg/h (lactose) with a roller diameter of 150 mm and a roller width of 75 mm and can therefore not only be used in research, development and technical centers, but also can also be used in production.

Due to the modular structure and the storage of the rollers on both sides, an extremely robust construction is guaranteed. This means that a maximum linear pressing force of 30 kN/cm can be achieved. All process parameters determined can also be easily transferred to larger machines in the PP and WP machine series for a later production scale. The PP 150 C enables great flexibility and adaptation to a wide range of granulate sizes. The basic machine, consisting of a feed system and rolling mill, can be delivered without any shredding technology or alternatively with one or two rotor fine granulators  RFG 150 DS. A later retrofitting is possible at any time if necessary.

In order to achieve the most compact design possible, there are controls, a technical cabinet to accommodate hydraulics, a vacuum pump, cooling water distribution and compressed air distribution as well as an operating unit Integrated into the machine.

Numerous special designs or customer-specific adaptation designs are possible on request. Due to technical changes and further developments, the details of the machines may differ from the versions shown.

PP 150 C

Roller diameter in mm 150 mm
Roller width in mm 75 mm
Continuous throughput capacity in kg/h up to 400 kg/h (lactose)
Maximum pressing force in kN/cm 30 kN/cm
Maximum roller gap in mm 5 mm
Maximum roller speed in rpm 36 U/min
Weight in kg 1,500 kg
Height in mm 2,090 mm
Width in mm 1,536 mm
Depth in mm 1,753 mm
Control system external control cabinet


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PP 150 C

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