roller press WP 150 Pharma

Designed for use in production.

WP 150 Pharma

Countless variants, one original - WP 150 Pharma from Alexanderwerk. Throughput of up to 250 kg/h (lactose).

Details Alexanderwerk GmbH
Details Alexanderwerk GmbH


roller press WP 150 Pharma

Designed for use in production.

  • Throughput of up to 250 kg/h (lactose)

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WP 150 Pharma

The WP 150 Pharma roller press was designed by Alexanderwerk specifically for use in the pharmaceutical industry and meets the highest requirements and standards. With its sealing system specially designed for containment and a throughput of up to 250 kg/h (lactose), it is the optimal machine for compacting and granulating highly effective preparations in both development and production.

The WP 150 Pharma comes standard with the Combi-Vent-Feeder® patented by Alexanderwerk. fitted. This special version of the feed system ensures particularly economical operation of the system, as the improved ventilation means larger quantities of product can be fed into the nip.

Thanks to the flying Storage, the process technology of the WP 150 Pharma can be completely dismantled without special tools. Furthermore, the modular design guarantees that all work tools can be changed and cleaned quickly and thus meets the requirements for flexible production. The low overall height and the integration of the control in an external control cabinet ensure a compact design.

Numerous special designs or customer-specific adaptation designs are available on request. Due to technical changes and further developments, the details of the machines may differ from the versions shown.

WP 150 Pharma

Roller diameter in mm 150 mm
Roller width in mm 50 mm
Continuous throughput capacity in kg/h up to 250 kg/h (lactose)
Maximum pressing force in kN/cm 20 kN/cm
Maximum roller gap in mm 5 mm
Maximum roller speed in rpm 40 U/min
Weight in kg 2,100 kg
Weight without switch cabinet in kg 1,700 kg
Switch cabinet weight in kg 400 kg
Height in mm 1,700 mm
Width in mm 1,450 mm
Depth in mm 1,453 mm
Height of switch cabinet in mm 2,100 mm
Width of switch cabinet in mm 800 mm
Depth of switch cabinet in mm 600 mm
Control system external control cabinet (two cells)


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WP 150 Pharma

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