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4th Technical Seminar ShinEtsu, 11th – 12th May 2023

Save the Date: 11th – 12th May 2023!!

Alexanderwerk at the 4th Seminar on Amorphous Solid Dispersion!!
Together with the partners Shin-Etsu, Frewitt, PROCEPT and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Alexanderwerk will share latest insights of ASD development steps ranging from initial screening phase up to downstream processing. The program is comprised of practical lab demonstrations of the different processing technologies featuring the prime polymer for ASDs, Shin-Etsu AQOAT® (HPMCAS), and lectures of invited experts of the field. Do not miss out on this two day seminar!Read More

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Alexanderwerk WP 120 Pharma 详细测试对比 – WP 120 Pharma取得真正的成功

一分钱一分货… Alexanderwerk 用户凭借 WP 120 Pharma 辊压机卓越的工艺性能取得成功

一个跨国制药企业,使用Alexanderwerk的工艺对两种特效药进行了测试。测试重点为抗癌药(Palbociclib) 和肌肉松弛药物 (Mirabergron)的造粒。  该用户的这两种药物,由于现有生产工艺的产能底下,遇到了瓶颈。用户在其生产现场,采用了Alexanderwerk的 租赁设备.Read More

CIPM 2020 – Alexanderwerk 取得了丰硕的成果

今年的 CIPM 2020 将于11月3号-5号,在重庆举行。尽管全球还面临着大流行病的冲击,但是展会还是成功的如期举行,我们的展台接待了众多的参观人员,并进行了深入的交流。Alexanderwerk亚立珊大惟克上海, 我们位于上海的 中国子公司 ,做为工艺的领导者,在本次展会期间,组织了丰富的工艺交流,介绍干法制粒和辊压压实工艺。Read More

Our colleagues at Alexanderwerk Inc. (USA) present their lab…

Our colleagues at Alexanderwerk Inc. have just published a short video that gives an insight into our possibilities in the laboratory in Montgomeryville (PA, USA). Of course, this is not the only place where we can help you jointly provide solutions for your most demanding compacting and granulation tasks.Read More