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Alexanderwerk 的专业团队,正在参加位于中国费县的压片技术研讨会

Alexanderwerk specialist Mrs. Dora Huang will support a tableting seminar organized by Romaco in Feixang, P.R. China on April 4th, 2021.Read More


Our partner Natoli organized an online training session on February 8, 2021 (4:00 PM – 5:30 PM CET) and Alexanderwerk supported this event. Almost 400 participants registered for this online seminar, which was a huge success!

You have missed this event – no problem! Our partner made the seminar online available!Read More

在线培训 “干法制粒成型 & 压片工艺” -相约2月8号

Our partner Natoli organizes an online training session on February 8, 2021 (4:00 PM – 5:30 PM CET). Alexanderwerk will support this event as the main topic will be “Dry Granulation Formulation & Tableting Techniques”. This online event is the second part of the event. Session I (Februay 2, 2021) focused on Direct Compression.Read More

Alexanderwerk 团队将协助在美国举办的Top Hands-On培训活动(2021年2月16 – 18)

Our partner Natoli Scientifc organizes a 3-day-seminar in Telford (PA) and our experts from Alexanderwerk Inc. will support this top hands-on training event. The seminar will take place at the Natoli Scientif Center in Telford (February 16 – 18, 2021). Hurry up to get registered for this event as seats are limited.Read More

CIPM 2020 – Alexanderwerk 取得了丰硕的成果

今年的 CIPM 2020 将于11月3号-5号,在重庆举行。尽管全球还面临着大流行病的冲击,但是展会还是成功的如期举行,我们的展台接待了众多的参观人员,并进行了深入的交流。Alexanderwerk亚立珊大惟克上海, 我们位于上海的 中国子公司 ,做为工艺的领导者,在本次展会期间,组织了丰富的工艺交流,介绍干法制粒和辊压压实工艺。Read More

CIPM 2020 – 2020年重庆中国国际制药机械博览会

Alexanderwerk 将参加今年的CIPM展会 (11月3号-5号)  –  展会位于重庆,扬子江和嘉陵江的汇合地。 我们本地的专业团队 亚立珊大惟克上海贸易有限责任公司在我们的展位上等待您的拜访,为您介绍世界领先的干法制粒工艺。Read More

Alexanderwerk GmbH successfully passes the 2nd monitoring audit (ISO 9001:2015)

Last week, our quality management system (QMS) and ISO 9001:2015 certification was subject to a regular review by Bureau Veritas. During the audit, Alexanderwerk GmbH was able to present the quality processes lived by all employees and thus once again successfully confirm the certification.Read More

Schedule a call with an expert

In these challenging times of COVID19, it has become very difficult to meet in person even on a good day. (Social) distance rules, protective masks, registration and visit lists as well as travel restrictions across national borders mean extreme difficulties for all of us. As a result, companies have had to adapt in the past few months and Alexanderwerk is no exception.Read More

Problems with poor flowing CBD isolates? Roller Compaction from AW can help …

Typical CBD isolate material (powder) has poor flow characteristics and is usually very light and fluffy. This unfortunate property makes it difficult to handle and especially challenging when feeding the material …Read More

Powder and Bulk Engineering article published: “Maintaining powder blend content homogeneity using dry granulation”

Our colleagues Albin “Al” Friedrich and Matt Walczer, both National Sales Managers at Alexanderwerk Inc. (USA),  recently wrote an article about how a roller compactor can be configured to properly and consistently provide a homogeneous powder blend during the granulation process. Additionally, the article covered in more detail how internal tests conducted on a WP 200 Pharma at Alexanderwerk in Montgoermyville (USA) were used to help recycle fines screened out during the granulation process and re-introduced during the compaction process.Read More

Alexanderwerk builds on apprenticeships and training – also internationally!

Even in times of COVID-19, the Alexanderwerk-Group relies on solid education and training in-house. Be it training as a mechatronics technician or training in the commercial area – the opportunities after successfully passing the training exam are diverse, particularly in mechanical engineering, and even more so with the Alexanderwerk-Group.Read More

Our colleagues at Alexanderwerk Inc. (USA) present their lab…

Our colleagues at Alexanderwerk Inc. have just published a short video that gives an insight into our possibilities in the laboratory in Montgomeryville (PA, USA). Of course, this is not the only place where we can help you jointly provide solutions for your most demanding compacting and granulation tasks.Read More

Follow Alexanderwerk on WeChat – 在微信上关注 Alexanderwerk

Our Chinese colleagues from Alexanderwerk in Shanghai and Remscheid have now created an opportunity for us to be followed on the Chinese platform WeChat, which is very popular not only in China.Read More

The TechCeuticals online seminar video is now available online.

The TechCeuticals online seminar video is now available online. Our partner TechCeuticals will hold a series of several online seminars entitled “Tablet and Capsule Performance series” in the period from early April to late May 2020.Read More

Alexanderwerk and Social Media

As you have probably already noticed, Alexanderwerk offers additional information via Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Subscribe and follow us for latest news on Dry Granulation, Roller Compaction, Milling and Continuous Granulation.Read More