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Using various partnerships we at Alexanderwerk lay the foundation for a success on the market, today and in the future.

We have been maintaining one of these long-term partnerships with the French IMT (Group Imt – Formations Industries) since 1998. The technology research center located in Tours organizes regular events and practical workshops, in which participants from the industry get important information for their daily work . Every month a two-day workshop for the dry compaction, which combines theory and a practical training on an Alexanderwerk WP 120 Pharma, is held. This workshop serves as an opportunity for the exchange and discussion of numerous experts in the industry. We are excited about the long-term cooperation and intensive exchange with the IMT, through which we can welcome a lot of new customers and improve our machines continuously. In the future, we are happy to rely on the expert dialogue!

(Introduction of the IMT in Tours)

Today, the Alexanderwerk-Group can count a large number of international, renowned research institutions among its partners. In addition to the IMT in France, these are above all:

The lively exchange with students, doctoral students and professors enables continuous innovation of the products. Events that are carried out jointly, such as national and international research projects, seminars, workshops and courses, disseminate and deepenthe  understanding of the theory of dry compaction and granulation.

(BSF 2019 – CP3 @ Purdue University)

In addition to its partnerships with the scientific community, Alexanderwerk is also friends and partners with a large number of industrial companies in order to offer our customers comprehensive, trouble-free solutions, but also to enable research on the whole process (i.e. Coninuous Manufacturing at Purdue University).