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Moist Granulation (MG Series)

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Moist Granulation

Not all raw materials can be processed in a dry state –  in this case Alexanderwerk offers customers a suitable solution. This alternative is our world-leading moist granulator series that handles both moist and pasty materials. The produced granules & pellets often have a lower density and a higher porosity, and therefore are more rapidly soluble. This physical property is desirable in the production of instant powders. The moist granulator uses two counter-rotating cylinders. One cylinder is solid and the other is designed with precise holes and functions as the forming dies.  The product is formed and extruded into the inside of this cylinder and then cut by a scraper. The cylinders’ speed will define the length of the resulting granules / pellets. Following the granule formation a drying process is typically performed to remove the moisture.  This results in a stable granule. A prerequisite for moist granulation is a sufficient gliding ability of the raw material. Depending on the consistency of the starting material, the granulation yield is 90-95% relative to the input quantity.

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