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Products & Applications

Products & Applications


In which applications do we deliver?

Alexanderwerk Roller Compactors are found nowadays in a wide range of applications. From the production of antibiotics, to the compaction of battery masses, to the compaction of metal oxides. Alexanderwerk supports customers worldwide in the production of high-quality granulates.

Alexanderwerk has a comprehensive portfolio of special machines for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries as well as LifeScience and nuclear technology. The offer ranges from machines for the laboratory and small batches in pilot plants to high-performance machines. The special machines for compacting, granulating as well as grating and shredding combine advanced production methods with state of the art control technologies. Our machines enable an efficient production of high-quality granulates for a wide range of applications.

Pharmaceutical Industry & LifeScience
About 75% of the pharmaceutical products are administered in solid forms, much of it as tablets or capsules. In addition to the actual active ingredient (API), the formulations contain a number of excipiants and additive substances.

For the gentle and economical production of the drugs, the processing of the heterogeneous material blends to granules of defined grain size is recommended. Hereby only the physical properties such as dispersing and releasing speed, but not the chemical properties of the source product are changed (e.g. for tablets, capsules, life-science products, vitamins, flavourings, instant powders and Sweeteners).

Chemical Industry & Nuclear Technology
Increasingly complexitiy of chemical and fine chemical materials require more and more a very specific formulation of the chemical and physical properties of a product.

The chemical industry predominantly uses raw materials with a solid state of aggregation. The defined granule size is of high importance. Compared to powders, granules are characterized by a significantly improved flow capabiliy and an increased density. Due to the process, the raw materials are often supplied as powders and are therefore usually not suitable for further processing. The required properties are achieved by means of compacting and granulation. In this process, the physical properties such as granule size, particle size distribution, bulk density, granule hardness and active surface are influenced in such a way that a saleable granule is formed or the granules can be further processed as an intermediate product (e.g. for textile dyes, battery masses, salts, fertilizers, silica and additives).

Food industry
The demands of the food processing industry in terms of efficient production and treatment of basic materials have also risen. Alexanderwerk has challenged itself to meet the individual needs of the companies with the standardized requirements of the food industry (e.g. for flavouring substances, instant powders and sweeteners).