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News > Case Study – Alexanderwerk WP 200 Pharma

Increasing your efficiency and drive down your costs with Alexanderwerk Roller Compactors! The following article shows that supposed savings from “cheap machines” can quickly turn out to be a dangerous cost trap. With the help from the Alexanderwerk Experts it was possible for a customer to escape this trap with a sustainable benefit….

A new Alexanderwerk customer was previously using a local machine that needed 5 – 6 cycles to achieve the required 60-65% granules for their process.  Each cycle only yielded 10-15% granules. The remaining product needed to then be sifted and recycled back for re-compaction, which resulted in a large amount of dusting in the process room.
By switching to the Alexanderwerk WP 200 Pharma, the customer achieved more than the requested 65% granules in one single pass through, sufficient for their downstream process. In addition to an almost dust-free operation, the machine has allowed for considerable improvement in the customer’s process. Another WP 200 Pharma machine has been ordered for additional products being planned that are in need of roller compaction.

Benefits achieved by Alexanderwerk:

  • Cost savings due reduced operational hours.
  • Cost savings on energy.
  • No additional sieving required.
  • Reduced installation footprint.
  • Increased product quality
  • Reduced quality risk / stable quality of the granules
  • Dust-free operation. *)

Start today to drive down your costs and risks by changing to an Alexanderwerk Roller Compactor.

Alexanderwerk WP 200 Pharma - Die Walzenpresse für Ihre Produktion!

Alexanderwerk WP 200 Pharma

*) Alexanderwerk Roller Compactors can be ordered in different configurations achieving containment levels OEB 3 to OEB 5 (Isolator)

News > Case Study – Alexanderwerk WP 200 Pharma