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THE LABORATORY – Where Theory and Reality meet…

Everyday experience will tell you that theory and practice do not necessarily harmonize in the real world.  What appears plausible on the drawing board will often not be possible to achieve in practice. For this reason, we at Alexanderwerk provide extended process testing capabilities in our international “in-house” test facilities. During trials in one of our labs, we can identify the right machine and the optimal process parameters to help you to produce a product that meets your specifications. Test facilities are available in Germany, in the United States, and in the P.R. China.

A close look at the granules

Daily work at Alexanderwerk’s laboratories – Analysis of the powders and granules…

If you would like to evaluate your compaction and granulation processes we have the ability to help.  Experiments can be designed using small quantities of material with process parameters such as feed rate, roller speed, roller surface, compaction pressure, granule size, and bulk density, granule porosity among others can be measured and optimized to help you define the best process for your needs.  Whether you want to focus on cost efficiency, material throughput, or another process driver that is important to your company we are here to help you.  Based on the results of the initial product trials, additional trials may be conducted, preferably witnessed by the client and our technicians and process experts will make every effort to accommodate your individual preferences. During such testing, the final product specification can be optimized and various process requirements can be examined.

Test fees depend upon the duration of the testing, as well as on the cleaning and disposal requirements of the trial and will be quoted individually upon request.

Please feel free to contact us via E-Mail () or reach out to our international sales team for individualized attention.

We look forward to partner with you and meeting you in one of our global test facilities.