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Feria Achema, Frankfurt – Agosto 22 al 26 de 2022

Alexanderwerk estará presente en la Feria ACHEMA, la fuerza motriz y pionera para las industrias de procesos internacionales y sus proveedores.
Fabricantes y proveedores de servicios de más de 50 países presentarán sus productos para la investigación y fabricación de productos químicos, farmacéuticos y biotecnológicos, así como para los servicios energéticos y medioambientales.Read More

Alexanderwerk receives a grant from the Dusseldorf district government

Alexanderwerk receives the grant approval for the “promotion of in-company training in the network (Förderung der betrieblichen Ausbildung im Verbund)” from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. …Read More

Alexanderwerk apoya la capacitación práctica superior en Cleveland (Ohio, EE.UU.) en Julio

Nuestros socios Natoli Scientific y TechCeuticals celebrarán un seminario de dos días sobre “Investigación y Desarrollo de la Compresión de Tabletas” y nuestros expertos de Alexanderwerk Inc. apoyarán este evento de capacitación práctica de alto nivel. El seminario tendrá lugar en el laboratorio de TechCeuticals en Cleveland (20 y 21 de julio de 2021).Read More

Gran participación en nuestro seminario en China

Alexanderwerk has been supporting our numerous customers in China since 2015 with its own branch in Shanghai, which also specializes in technology and process support in the field of dry granulation and roller compaction. So there was no question for us whether we would also take part in this year’s CIPM seminar series in QingDao.Read More

Alexanderwerk WP120 Pharma

Comparación lado a lado de la prueba de la Alexanderwerk WP 120 Pharma – Un verdadero éxito para nuestra WP 120

Se obtiene por lo que se paga… Un verdadero éxito de un cliente de Alexanderwerk acerca del rendimiento de una Compactadora de Rodillos  WP 120 Pharma de Alexanderwerk.

Un cliente farmacéutico a nivel mundial se puso en contacto con Alexanderwerk para realizar un experimento comparativo con dos medicamentos concretos.  Las pruebas se centrarían en la granulación de un medicamento contra el cáncer (Palbociclib) y un relajante muscular (Mirabergron).  La producción de estos dos fármacos resultó ser un cuello de botella en el proceso de fabricación, debido a las capacidades extremadamente lentas del equipo interno actual. Las pruebas paralelas se llevaron a cabo en las instalaciones del cliente utilizando una máquina de alquiler de Alexanderwerk.Read More

Gran reacción y excelente respuesta al seminario de Feixiang (R.P. China)

Gran reacción y excelente respuesta al seminario en Feixiang (R.P. China) y a nuestra experta Dora Huang. El seminario de dos días con Romaco en Feixiang, R. P. China, fue todo un éxito.Read More

Expertos de Alexanderwerk apoyan el mejor Evento de Entrenamiento Práctico en Estados Unidos (Abril 20 – 22, 2021)

Nuestro socio Natoli Scientific organiza un seminario de 3 días en Telford (PA) y nuestros expertos de Alexanderwerk Inc. apoyarán este evento de formación práctica superior. El seminario tendrá lugar en el Natoli Scientif Center de Telford (Abril 20 al 22 de febrero de 2021). Dese prisa e inscríbase en este evento, ya que las cupos son limitados.Read More

Un experto de Alexanderwerk apoya el Seminario de Tableteo en Feixiang, China

Alexanderwerk specialist Mrs. Dora Huang will support a tableting seminar organized by Romaco in Feixang, P.R. China on April 4th, 2021.Read More

CIPM 2020 – Un gran éxito para Alexanderwerk

This year’s CIPM 2020 took place in Chongqing (P.R. China) from November 3rd, 2020 to November 5th, 2020. Despite the global pandemic, the trade fair was well attended and numerous visitors came to our stand for interesting discussions. Alexanderwerk Shanghai, our Chinese branch in Shanghai, was able to convince on site and …Read More

Alexanderwerk GmbH successfully passes the 2nd monitoring audit (ISO 9001:2015)

Last week, our quality management system (QMS) and ISO 9001:2015 certification was subject to a regular review by Bureau Veritas. During the audit, Alexanderwerk GmbH was able to present the quality processes lived by all employees and thus once again successfully confirm the certification.Read More

Schedule a call with an expert

In these challenging times of COVID19, it has become very difficult to meet in person even on a good day. (Social) distance rules, protective masks, registration and visit lists as well as travel restrictions across national borders mean extreme difficulties for all of us. As a result, companies have had to adapt in the past few months and Alexanderwerk is no exception.Read More

Problems with poor flowing CBD isolates? Roller Compaction from AW can help …

Typical CBD isolate material (powder) has poor flow characteristics and is usually very light and fluffy. This unfortunate property makes it difficult to handle and especially challenging when feeding the material …Read More

Powder and Bulk Engineering article published: “Maintaining powder blend content homogeneity using dry granulation”

Our colleagues Albin “Al” Friedrich and Matt Walczer, both National Sales Managers at Alexanderwerk Inc. (USA),  recently wrote an article about how a roller compactor can be configured to properly and consistently provide a homogeneous powder blend during the granulation process. Additionally, the article covered in more detail how internal tests conducted on a WP 200 Pharma at Alexanderwerk in Montgoermyville (USA) were used to help recycle fines screened out during the granulation process and re-introduced during the compaction process.Read More

Alexanderwerk builds on apprenticeships and training – also internationally!

Even in times of COVID-19, the Alexanderwerk-Group relies on solid education and training in-house. Be it training as a mechatronics technician or training in the commercial area – the opportunities after successfully passing the training exam are diverse, particularly in mechanical engineering, and even more so with the Alexanderwerk-Group.Read More

Our colleagues at Alexanderwerk Inc. (USA) present their lab…

Our colleagues at Alexanderwerk Inc. have just published a short video that gives an insight into our possibilities in the laboratory in Montgomeryville (PA, USA). Of course, this is not the only place where we can help you jointly provide solutions for your most demanding compacting and granulation tasks.Read More