Two-stage granulation in Diagonal-Design®

Rotary granulators with screens are commonly used in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries for sizing of soft to medium hard products.

Conventional designs consist mainly of a rotor with angled granulating bars, which run in a U-shaped frame pushing product through a supported mesh screen or perforated plate. The rotor pushes the crushed flakes through the screen mesh, so that the resulting product is smaller than the perforation of screen being used.

Traditional design
New and improved design

Alexanderwerk has developed a patented granulator in diagonal-design® which increases the throughput capacity of the granulator up to 100%.  This dramatic improvement is achieved by increasing of the working area of the screen. This leads to a twofold increase in throughput and, in turn, produces a very gentle granulation process with minimal “fines” generation. Additional costs incurred by recycling or reprocess “off spec” material are reduced and the quality of the final product is increased.