When using roller compactors, it is generally accepted to use a screw feeding system for feeding raw material. As well as requiring the highest quality in the final product, our customers are also looking to achieve financial targets (improved cost per tablet). To support our customers with the best possible solution, Alexanderwerk has devoted itself to the optimization of the feeding system and so has developed the patented Combi-Vent-Feeder®.

Through feeding using the Combi-Vent-Feeder®, the air which is displaced during the compaction process can escape properly through a second chamber of the feed hopper without disruption of the feed. This leads to a uniform feed of raw material into the rollers. Furthermore, the second chamber can be used to recycle undersize and oversize granule, which can be homogeneously added to the raw material, if required. In addition, the feeding unit can be assisted by using a vacuum system, which provides a minimal product layer on the inside of the screw housing. This greatly improves the processing of fluidizing products with low bulk density.

Overall this provides the following advantages:

  • direct, positive influence on the compaction
  • defined, reduced resistance to venting of the product through the screw housing and through the “clear” smaller chamber
  • constant quality of flakes and granules
  • gentle process both in compaction and granulation units
  • protection of the sealing between screw shaft and housing
  • simple control of raw material feeding