Research and Development

After 125 years, Alexanderwerk is still driven by inquisitiveness and innovation, and it is these motivating forces that keep our technology moving forward in response to the ever-changing requirements in the industries we serve.

This philosophy has rewarded us with a global presence and a long history.  In 2013 the Alexanderwerk Group received an entry in the directory of the German machine builders: “The Best of German Engineering” presented to innovative, medium sized, German companies from key industries.  With the inclusion in this esteemed group, Alexanderwerk takes its place in the circle of leading German companies in the field of mechanical engineering.

As a recognized leader in the field of roller compaction technology, we are inspired to constantly improve and are always working on improvements and enhancements for the benefit of our clients. In 1998, we entered into cooperation with the technology based research center, French IMT (Institut des Métiers et des Technologies), who organize regular events and practice workshops, where users from the industry receive important ideas to improve their daily work. Inside the training facility for dry compaction, two-day workshops are given, consisting of theory and practice using an Alexanderwerk roller compactor.  Monthly, numerous industry experts are invited to provide information exchange and discussion.  Additionally, we have active research partnerships with the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and Purdue University in Indiana in the United States

These efforts keep our focus on the market and the requirements of our customers, by continually providing them with the latest technologies.  Progress does not stand still and neither does Alexanderwerk.