Roller compactor WP 120 Pharma

Laboratory and pilot production machine for the pharmaceutical industry

Alexanderwerk offers the WP120 roller compactor designed to meet the highest requirements and standards in pharmaceutical research and development. The design also enables production rates of up to 40 kg/h (based on lactose), and batches as small as 5g can be processed.

With its highly integrated design and extremely compact size, it is the best machine available for R&D use and use in small-scale production. Due to of its modular design, the WP120 can be almost completely disassembled without special tools, with the cantilever roll design allowing for easy changeover and cleaning.

The WP120 Pharma is designed for development use, and with an integrated control system and operator panel, this design is truly a portable unit. Additionally, all process parameters can easily be scaled up to larger production machines.


The WP120 can be delivered meeting hazardous environment ratings.  Additionally, for material where operator exposure is a concern the WP120 can be delivered meeting OEB3 levels or up to OEB5 when integrated with an isolator.

Technical data

roller diameter 120 mm
roller width 40 mm / 25 mm
throughtput in batch mode > 5 g
throughput, continuous operation up to 40 kg/h (Lactose)
maximal pressure force 20 kN/cm
maximal roller gap 4 mm
maximal roller speed 15 rpm
weight (incl. control system) approx. 800 kg
dimensions 1,838 mm x 1,450 mm x 933 mm


Numerous special or customized designs are available upon request. Due to technical changes or modifications, some details of the machines may deviate from what is shown here.