Machinery for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Three-quarters of modern pharmaceutical formulations are administered in solid form such as tablets or capsules. Beside the active ingredients, the formulations may include a wide range of other components such as excipients, additives (fillers and flavoring), and binders. Often these components have different raw material properties, and as a result, the fine powder mixtures may not be able to be pressed directly into a finished dosage form in a tablet press. Instead, it may be necessary to compact and granulate the powder mixture in advance. Using these processes, the physical properties (granule size, particle size distribution, bulk density, granule hardness and active surface) can be altered so that the powder is transformed into the final product accurately and economically. Compared to unprocessed powder, granules are characterized by a greatly improved flowability and higher density (volume reduction).


Alexanderwerk offers a comprehensive portfolio of specialized machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. This includes machines for research and development as well as for high-performance manufacturing. Our roller compaction and granulation equipment, as well as grating and shredding technologies, use highly-developed feeding and control strategies to maximize production efficiencies in your processes, guaranteeing the accurate and economical production of high-quality granules for tablets, capsules, life science products, flavors, instant powders, intense sweeteners and many more. Call us today to discuss your manufacturing process requirements.