Maschines and plants for the chemical industry

Increasingly complex applications of raw and basic materials as well as special chemistry requirements need to formulate the chemical and the physical properties of a product. Raw materials, which are processed in the chemical industry, have predominantly a solid state, so that the defined particle size is of great importance. The defined particle size at the microscopic level has certain limits which may not be exceeded or underachieved. In many cases a roller compaction and granulation process is required since frequently the raw materials are not suitable for further processing or end use. With both processes, the physical properties (granule size, granule particle distribution, bulk density, granule hardness and active surface) can be influenced so that a saleable granule results or the granule can be further processed. Compared with powder, granules are characterized by a greatly improved flowability and higher density (volume reduction). 

Alexanderwerk offers a comprehensive portfolio of specialized machinery for the chemical industry, which includes machines for the research and development as well as for the high-performance sector. The machinery for compaction, granulation as well as grating and shredding combine the use of modern production technology and highly-developed feeding and control technology. This connection guarantees an accurate and economic production of high-quality granules of soda, textile dye, battery compounds, salt, fertilizer, silicic acid, feedstuff, additives and many more.