Alexanderwerk – We're making history

Alexander von der Nahmer was really in the right place at the right time. In 1885, he founded Alexanderwerk as a foundry and soon afterwards, he landed the really big coup. On his travels, he discovered a manually operated meat grinder, originating in America. Pleased by this product, he decided to produce and sell it in his own factory in Germany,becoming the first Alexanderwerk machine designed for the food processing industry.

After his death, his three sons navigated the company through challenging times. Despite the global economic crisis, world wars and some difficult investments, they were able to turn Alexanderwerk into a stock company with a successful portfolio of household machinery and equipment, including bread slicers, graters, juicers, Christmas tree stands and scales. Additionally, they offered machines for butcher and canteen kitchens. Never stand still has always been the slogan of Alexanderwerk and as a result, subsidiaries and agencies  were founded abroad, all the while constantly improving the machinery. As a result, stainless materials and new developments generated additional possibilities for the company. By 1980, new milestones were set, which helped to characterize the business of Alexanderwerk as it is today:


- Machine construction for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry


- Development of granulation machines and granulators with the highest technical standards           

- Development of the first fully functional roller compactor

- In-house technical center openend in Remscheid


- Machine construction for the customers individual requirements including raw material preparation and screening of the granules, conveyor machines for continuous product re-cycling, dedusting and electrical control of the machines


- Design and construction of plants for the soda production


- Construction of a new modern assembly hall for granulating compactors

Today, the Alexanderwerk Group is a leading manufacturer of high-technology compaction and granulation machines for the chemical, food, life science, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries. For decades, pharmaceutical and chemical companies all over the world have been using solutions supplied by Alexanderwerk.

Headquarter in Remscheid, the parent company Alexanderwerk AG, as well as the subsidiaries Alexanderwerk GmbH, AlexanderService GmbH and its cooperation partner Alexanderwerk Produktions GmbH are located.