Moist granulation

Not all raw materials can be processed optimally in the dry state; in this case Alexanderwerk offers ist customers a suitable solution. This alternative is provided by our moist granulator which handles both moist and pasty materials.

Just as in the granulation of dry raw materials the wet Granulation is also a continous process. The produced granules often have a lower density and a higher porosity, and therefore are more rapidly soluble. This physical property is desirable for example in the production of instant powders.

With the moist granulator process two cylinders rotate in opposite directions. There is a solid cylinder and a granulating cylinder. The granulating cylinder is provided with holes and functions as a forming die: the solid cylinder presses the raw product through the holes into the interior of the granulating cylinder. The raw product is compressed.

Inside the granulating cylinder the compacted product is cut off by a scraper. A drying process is often required following the granulation process to remove the moisture from the granules. This result is a stable granule. The main requirement for wet Granulation is that there is a sufficient sliding property of the moist raw product. Despending on the consistency of the crude product, the granule yield is 90-95% based on the starting amount.