Machines for grating and shredding from Alexanderwerk

Grating and shredding is often a necessary measure to prepare the raw materials for additional production steps. Many downstream processing machines will only operate for example if certain particle sizes are not exceeded.

In order to meet the demand of the processing and manufacturing industry for materials and uniform particle size and shape, Alexanderwerk offers the grater shredder machines for a variety of applications. The continuous process of the greater shredder is suitable for dry and moist as well as solid output products.

Inside the grating or shredding cylinder rotates a driver blade, which presses the material to be processed to the inside of the cylinder wall. The raw material to be processed is fed either manually or by a screw system from the top in the grater and thus into the working area of the vertically arranged grating or shredding cylinder.

The cylinders are provided with numerous holes to produce and the different designs define the geometry and grain size of the finished product.

Alexanderwerks grater shredder are available in a mobile or static in-line version.